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Não tem o que fazer no final de semana? Que tal colocar a leitura em dia? Para facilitar a sua vida, fiz aquele apanhadão esperto com diversos links para te manter entretida!
Olha só:

✓ All the Greedy Young Abigail Fishers and Me // Jezebel
"The trouble is that it is often up to white people to demonstrate this, because they have so much more advantage to surrender; the further trouble is that there are so many Abigail Fishers out there, who not only refuse to surrender advantage but refuse to understand that they have it in the first place, who often then—magnificently—go so far as to say they are being disadvantaged whenever their race is accounted for and named."

✓ A Positive Life: How a Son Survived Being Injected with HIV by His Father // GQ
Badger had a question about his father. Badger was dying, so he chose his words carefully, because he would only have the opportunity to say them once.
“Why did he do such a bad thing to me?”

✓ The Powerful Lesson I Learned From Kimmy Schmidt // Refinery29
"Perhaps owing to my typically friendly, positive outward demeanor, the most frequent reaction I get when I disclose to someone that I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD is, “But you seem so happy!” And for a long time, this idea that I am too bubbly or high-functioning to actually be struggling prevented me from seeking the help that I need (and deserve)."

✓ Venha Você Também Deixar a Preguiça de Lado e Começar o Seu Projeto Maneiro! // Capitolina
"Para tornar real um projeto, sempre passamos por uma série de dificuldades – sejam grandes ou pequenas – e elas só não vão nos desanimar se tivermos certeza absoluta de que vale muito a pena construir esse projetão maravilhoso que você idealizou!"

✓ How to talk to a queer person who is afraid of dying // The Washington Post
"I don’t know what to do with any of that. Even now, I’m writing because I desperately want to feel like I have some control over what happens to me. To do something, however small, to make myself feel like I have a grip on things. It isn’t working."

✓ Love And Hope And Sex And Dreams: Make a Man Uncomfortable Today // Brooklyn Mag
"Plenty of us stay quiet when our feelings are hurt, apologize to those from whom we actually deserve apologies and show kindness to people who persistently treat us like shit, all in an effort to avoid being thought of as bitchy or overly sensitive."

✓ Idade Média, Estupro e "Nem Todo o Homem" // Ovelha
"Micro e macro relações machistas diárias apenas para institucionalizar que há uma hierarquia de poder ainda que técnica e intelectualmente já tenhamos superado isso há séculos. Por que se precisa abusar de alguém quando está em situação vulnerável? "

✓ Explicando o Brexit para o resto do mundo // VICE Brasil
"O legado de David Cameron será o seguinte: o membro de uma classe dominante que sujeitou a população a uma série de políticas econômicas brutais, jogou com a adesão do país à UE e perdeu, levando a vários anos de incerteza e possivelmente uma separação entre Inglaterra, País de Gales, Escócia e Irlanda do Norte. O voto para sair da União Europeia, para muitos eleitores, também era um voto para dar um chute no saco do nosso primeiro-ministro."

✓  Black Men Are Not Lethal Weapons // Cosmopolitan
"The culture of white supremacy weaponizes black life, arguing that black lives are a threat to the lives of white people. Pro-gun ideologues continue to convince us that guns are not the weapons. People are. Black people in particular. And since black people are seen as criminally threatening whether we are selling CDs on a Tuesday or running errands on a Wednesday, then the possession of a gun makes us a lethal threat. "

✓ The Craft: bruxaria na adolescência // Revista Polén
"A bruxaria e o oculto permeiam o imaginário de jovens pelo mundo todo. A puberdade vem com um novo entendimento do mundo ao nosso redor, fazendo com que o oculto tenha um grande apelo aos adolescentes. As mudanças pelas quais passamos se combinam a essa ideia de que tudo pode ser mais fácil com um passe de mágica."

✓ What Women Find in Friends That They May Not Get From Love // NY Times
"For many women, friends are our primary partners through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses. Even for women who do marry, this is true at the beginning of our adult lives, and at the end — after divorce or the death of a spouse."

✓ A romantização de uma juventude que se acha muito especial // Aline Valek
"Mas, olhando para algumas camadas abaixo disso, podemos ver jovens que se acham muito especiais, mesmo não fazendo nada que justifique este pensamento de que as regras do mundo não se aplicam a eles. "

✓ Amber Heard And The Narratives Of Domestic Violence // Buzzfeed 
"The “troubled artist” trope — one that allows these haunted geniuses to continue as abusers because we can’t reconcile the idea that talented people can do awful things — is one that continues to this day, and implies that we as a society value abusive male creators more than we do the women who are with them."

✓ Marcela, a mulher que a família brasileira aceita ver na política // AzMina
"Que a gente aprenda a viver num mundo em que nem Marcela nem Dilma sirvam de modelo imposto. Mas que a participação na política e o protagonismo na vida sejam aspirações reais e socialmente celebradas para mulheres também."

✓ The Journalist and the Troll: This Man Spent Two Years Trying to Destroy Me Online // Bloomberg
I saw the photo first, me in a bloody wash of red with “RACIST” pulsing over my face. A couple of clicks brought me to this:
“In the darkest shadow of Bloomberg’s glossy office building in Manhattan, you may find a woman by the name of Dune Lawrence—a ‘journalist’ who has built a career on writing salacious articles about China.”

✓ 5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote, Featuring President Obama

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